SIMCI 11 2004

Going to a new customers office and finding out that as a sales person you have no chance cause the styles you re-sell make the customer bored may be a hustle for other designers! We instead were happy to have the chance to give space to Creativity! SIMCI II was a project between the UNODCCP and the Colombian Ministry of Justice:

  • We designed the office layout following the Best Practices in Work Space Ergonomics,
  • We created an open office line, putting together formica, glass and steel! It was a system that made the place look amazing! The design was meant to give enough working space and storage to users!
  • The reception was meant to cover the devices behind a surface, taht would at teh same time serve as a place for arriving users to place their documents!
  • We matched all other furniture choices to the Reception and Open Office lines and created a great work space.

Moon Balloon 2022

There is no better feeling than seeing one of our favourite clients grow her business. 

Moon Balloon is a design studio for party decorations that won’t stop at any obstacle!

We are working with Kristina Dubrovska on a remodelling project for her showcasing shop, where she will offer ready-to-go party supplies of the best quality in County Cork Ireland!

This space is yet to be seen in progress but are very excited about what will happen here.

Clínica Santa Isabel 2015

We designed this project on stage  through:

  • Research of International, National and County regulations for Intensive Care units on circulations, spaces, air management, materials and waste management, to carry out a compliant configuration of the space.
  • Design of spaces complying with regulations and using innovative materials and assistive portable furniture units with lighting and colours to match the concept of health and Colour schemes.
  • Finding suppliers to provide special materials and machines for the unit.
  • Design of bed distribution.
  • Delivery to stakeholders for evaluation.

Following our advice the stakeholders verified that the present building settings designed by their architect were not compliant and the project had to be repurposed completely.

Amado Bocado 2016

Downtown Bogotá is the historical and business centre of the Colombian capital. A busy restaurant in this area that encapsulates so many cultural contrasts is the eye of the International Centre workers’ hurricane! 

We have worked hard in delivering a full project for this customer:

  • Adding a bar table following a contrast and nature concept, changed completely the behaviour of its customers and the appearance of the place!
  • We proposed a change on the sign to match the new furniture, with Oak and Wallnut contrast
  • We designed 3 options for hanging ceilings, with finishing like wood veneers, encapsulated resins, or  bambu/veneer layers
  • We also proposed a change in the lighting layout, from bright halogen tubes to romantic warm LED light lamps
  • The Re Design includes plant-lights on the walls and a lovely Division on the back with Encapsulated Resin by Fabrica FLO.

Altos del Moral 2015

Some life events can make us want to change all around us! This project was a heart felt intervention to let life grow back! 
This project included:

  • Changing from orange-wood plastic looking floors to natural refreshing oak accoustic floors!
  • Changing Courtains from Deko dark looking courtains to modern Japanese panels, and Double function Courtains!
  • Re-upholstering dining room chairs and adding a dark oak veneer to the table! 
  • Re-upholstering the living room L- sofa
  • Painting walls from varied colours to white!
  • Designing a bed backrest, the night tables for the Master Bedroom, Designing two libraries for AZ folders in the TV/Library Room and a lovely Butterfly Like Desk Design for a 9-year-old girl!

CardioImagen 2014

A medical consultation office is normally cold and uncomfortable! This customer loves design and wanted to improve a simple clinical space into a cardiology customer experience

  • We studied the health facility guidelines for Cardiology Consultation Offices, to deliver a Design with the appropriate circulation areas, materials, appliances and furniture!
  • We Designed Grada Bot a simple solution to hold a Portable Echocardiograf that suits different User heights!
  • The users-cardiologist meeting office was designed to receive enough light but be private too!
  • Desks meet the regulation on materials but give a more elegant look with the polyurethane-finished dark oak veneer and white polyurethane contrast!
  • We also designed the areas, lighting configuration and storage items! 

Calle Diseño 2013

Modern builders have come up with spaces that although small are beyond comfortable and beautiful! This small apartment was no exception! With an open kitchen and a big terrace was the temptation for our hard-working very social customer! 

  • We Designed a table to fit the space between the wall and that big cylinder column, *125cmx125 cm,
  • and we re-proposed a chair design, that is originally produced in plastic, with amazing upholstery fabrics chosen by our customer!

Chía 2012

This couple dreamt their home sweet home for years and took design to an efficient level! But gues s what we were invited to give some touches to garden designs, garage door design and our favorite:

  • The bar was the hit! We had this organic way of solving a triple triangle space and place there the most sculptural way of placing Bottles! the furniture piece has drawers for cups and two surfaces for a bar!

Bella Suiza 2012

Apartment remodelling with tight budget.

  • We Remodeled a closed old-style kitchen to an open large comfortable bar meeting area!
  • We designed lovely storage furniture but our customer-preferred keeping the old and putting new covers on them 🙁
  • We changed a bathtub bathroom to a simple shower and gave it a more modern look with white sinks, new stone alike tiles and some stainless steel imitation details,
  • We made an amazing natural stone fireplace.

Colina Campestre 2011

A family that is growing needs a safe new place to live but also a way to enjoy friends while watching the kids! 
This project included:

  • Redesigning the bathroom from a bathtub to a safe shower for our pregnant-mommy customer,
  • Changing the Kitchen from closed to Open, giving the living room a super cosy look and a great view to the outside, also with awesome storage space, Now our Customers can cook great meals with friends! 
  • Changing the Fireplace from bricks to stone and, 
  • The window in the service room would be the only light source to the room’s passage… so we tore down the wall but placed translucent encapsulated resin as a division!

Chicó Norte 2011

Finding a penthouse will always be a gift! But this one had some spaces that ended up looking amazing with some Creativity!

  • We Designed the Kitchen, from white deco to minimalist with glass, aluminium and the best BLUM (german appliances brand) appliances! 
  • a niche under the staircase to exhibit the items of the couple’s collection of trips around the world,
  • a garden on the side of the staircase made to give the space a tranquile zen like look,
  • a bathtub scene that was changed from dirt and plants to encapsulated glass and light from under and,
  • Designed furniture pieces for the bedrooms! A bed backrest and some nice additions to the room´s closets

Guaymaral 2003-2012

These customers were Almost the First ones to trust us with a big change of furniture style for them! 
After some weeks of assessment, they loved, as much as we do, Bauhaus Design Icons and Minimalist Design! 

  • We decided to make the reading/bar room a Mies Van Der Rohe living room!
  • We placed two large sofas in the living next to the fireplace, accompanied by two puffs!
  • The dining room was our own-design Doppia Elle line! The cuts in the backrests of the chairs play around a fish/spine veneer modern table!
  • The Master Bedroom has a living with Le Corbusier’s Grand Confort and a Noguchi table, the perfect match for the Chaise Longe (Le Corbusier) sitting in the Bedroom!
  • The entrance of the house has a garden of stones and Papyrus perfect to place a relic Japanese Lamp!