Images and videos have become a language that has finally invaded all ways
of communication.

The use of social media and access to portable technology has reinforced the
need to simplify all messages in one solid eye blink!

A few words, nice fonts and a great illustration or photograph! That’s all
you need to captivate your target!

We offer product and food photography for your company.

Amado Bocado

Amado Bocado is a chain of restaurants located in the very busy centre of Bogota. They work hard to bring the best quality food for breakfasts, bakery, lunch, cold and hot drinks, and sandwiches.
We had to create photos that could trigger a watery mouth, provoke that memory of tastes, and evoke textures.

UniK Vajilla

The family-owned handmade aluminium dishware production company in Bogotá had to show how elegant aluminium could be and how clean their moulding process was!
Recreating this concept in the photographs is essential to show how this material recreates the feeling of a fancier breakable plate collection.

Fancy Healthy Life

This brand had a fashion-lover CEO, and she made an effort to stay up to date with Pantone trends every year.
Our product photography had to show in detail the textures of their product, the variety of colours and the ergonomics of the materials and shapes.