On Target

Social Media changed the way we live and the way we do business. Today companies that want to stay relevant, build a clientele, and manage their loyalty levels have to work hard on their social media presence.
There is a tendency to think of social media as a place for teens with too much free time, but the reality is that it’s home to many interactions that can lead to great success.
Public Figures, Big Companies, and also simple communities, small start-ups, clubs and groups benefit from a well-managed online presence.
So how does it work?
You build a profile (public/private) you post content and you interact with users.
Your users can bring more users or you can pay for this to happen.
Your users interact by liking what you share or they can even end up taken by you to a final action such as a purchase or assisting and event or even meeting you.
What is tricky?
Finding the right users, finding the right channels, and the right things to say or post are what we can help you with!


2 networks social media management
2 posts/week
user interaction/monolingual


3 networks social media management
2/3 posts/week
1 blog article/month
1 ad management /month
user interaction/monolingual


4 networks social media management
3 posts/week
1 blog article/month
1 ad management /month
2 videos or reels /month
user interaction/monolingual



Event social media management (two social media networks) interaction with users, moderation, post editing including video edition and image edition.(max. 2 weeks management)


  • Additional Language for community management. (per language)
  • Profile Picture for three social networks (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, G+) with logos given by costumer.
  • Cover/Banner for three social networks (Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, twitter, G+) with photographs given by costumer.
  • AD design (1 network)
  • E-Commerce image (Amazon, eBay, Web, etc.)
  • Favicon design.
  • Badge design.
  • Social network images.
  • Social network analitics (demographics.
  • keywords, behavior, engagement) × report


Words preceded by the symbol Hashtag # to identify a short phrase or word that a user may be following on social media, and the post wants to attract, they are similar to keywords on a website.

This is a publication on the profile that contains images/videos and text. It stays permanently on the grid of the profile.

This a video of short duration, 10 to max 20 seconds is the best duration.

This is a video that can sometimes contain editing and the format normally is the size of a smartphone screen. It shows reactions happening during the video and it shows the comments of viewers.

This particular video has no editing and is done in real-time, with interactions in real-time. Some lives can be watched after they are over depending on the social media platform. Used often for events.

This is a special kind of post that appears on top of most social media platforms and it shows special thoughts, images, and events that a profile shares immediately. Some stories can only be seen once and they are maybe not accessible after in the grid of the profile.

Set of Ads promoting a service, product, or event.

Paid post sharing through social media that will target a specific demographic group

A digital or physical event that has dates and venues set up and can be booked online.


Set of data of a target that a certain ad will address such as Age group, location, gender, preferences, job position, etc. And set of data that shows the same information regarding the users involved with the content.

The data shows the behaviour of a certain post in matters of likes, shares, reactions, etc, while the analytics analyses the pattern of the demographics of the people interacting with the ad or content and the insights show you the opportunities in your trends.

Reaction of agreement with a post, normally a thumbs up/heart.

Extended reactions can include Liking, Loving, Caring, Angry, Sad, Thinking, Laughing, Applause, and Insightful, and they can be used to measure the specific impact of the content.

Written interaction with the content.

This action involves mentioning, or adding a different user to the content.

This action involves taking the content to another personal/public profile of the same or another social media..

Measures if the user stayed in the content for a certain period of time

Measures in how many devices was the content shown

Measures how many users followed a call to action, or clicked a link or button. This is the highest level of engagement as it involves an interaction that can create leads, and shows interest.

Measures how many users actually liked not only the content but the profile or page that posted.